Please Have Masses Said for Our Priests

I have always wanted to have Masses said ALL OVER this diocese for the Priests of the Camden Diocese. For several years, I’ve had Masses said as often as I can at Infant Jesus Parish in Woodbury Heights and thru Opus Bono Sacerdotti

I’d like to invite all of you to help me accomplish this. Please have as many Masses said in your home parish for The Priests of the Camden Diocese and for Priests in purgatory. In order for you and I to live out our individual call to holiness, we need Priests who are holy and courageous in preaching the truth. We need to thank God for the priceless gift of the priesthood so that, in His mercy He will call forth the multitude of vocations lying dormant all over this diocese.

Please remember the Priests in purgatory and have Masses said for them as well. Pray The Chaplet of the Precious Blood for them everyday and ask God to be merciful to them because they gave their lives in service to Him. Pray that their sins may be forgiven, that they may be allowed to see God face to face and that they will become powerful intercessors for the Priests actively ministering in the world.

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