Monthly Calendar

July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus. Throughout the entire month, please pray the Chaplet of The Precious Blood, which is posted on this website for the priests in purgatory (see July Calendar Notes). On July 31, 2013, the Feast of St Ignatius Loyola, please pray for Pope Francis I, Bishop Dennis Sullivan and Bishop Joseph Galante.

August Calendar
Aug 1. Fr. Dennis Bajowski
Aug 2. Fr. A. Robert Cairone
Aug 3. Fr. Robert Malagesi
Aug 4. Fr Richard Lodge
Aug 5. Fr Brendan Meaney
Aug 6. Fr. Alfred Onyuthha
Aug 7. Fr Thomas Morgan
Aug 8. Msgr John Pokusa
Aug 9. Fr. John Rossi
Aug 10. Fr Edward C Wade
Aug 11. Fr John Bohrer
Aug 12. Fr Thomas Barcellona
Aug 13. Fr Howard Mulgaier
Aug 14. Fr Vincent Carpinelli
Aug 15. Pope Francis I
Aug 16. Fr Edward Namiotka
Aug 17. Fr Joachim Ofirchukwu
Aug 18. Fr Joseph Perreault
Aug 19. Fr Luong Pham
Aug 20. Fr William Weiksnar
Aug 21. Fr. Thomas Ploude
Aug 22. Fr. Joseph Ganiel
Aug 23. Fr Robert Dunphy
Aug 24. Fr. Robert Ngageno
Aug 25. Fr Steven Rapposelli
Aug 26. Fr James Bartoloma
Aug 27. Fr Peter Saporito
Aug 28. Fr Jerry Gomez
Aug 29. Fr Hugh Bradley
Aug 30. Fr Robert Sinatra
Aug 31. Deceased Priests

Sept 1. Fr Walter Norris
Sept 2. Fr Patrick Brady
Sept 3. Fr Bernard Gannon
Sept 4. Fr Anthony Patrizio
Sept 5. Fr Michael Matveenko
Sept 6. Fr Laserian Nwoga
Sept 7. Fr Raymond Gormley
Sept 8. Fr Robert Nolan
Sept 9. Fr Timothy Byerley
Sept 10. Fr Michael Orsi
Sept 11. Fr Michael Field
Sept. 12. Fr Malcolm MacLeod
Sept 13. Fr Thomas Donio
Sept 14. Deceased Priests
Sept 15. Fr Anthony Mannuppella
Sept 16. Fr Alfred Mungujakisa
Sept 17. Fr William Graham
Sept 18. Fr Joseph Nguyen
Sept 19. Fr Glenn Hartman
Sept 20. Fr John Picnic
Sept 21. Fr. Russell Rock
Sept 22. Fr. Marja Bober
Sept 23. Fr. David Budney
Sept 24. Fr. Danilo Quiray
Sept 25. Fr Paul Olszewski
Sept 26. Fr Jeffrey Puthoff, SJ
Sept 27. Fr John Fleming
Sept 28. Fr Allen Lovell
Sept 29. Fr Carmel Polidano
Sept 30. Fr Fabio Fernandez

2 Responses to Monthly Calendar

  1. Mary-Anne Delaney says:

    Patiently waiting for July. Thank you. God Bless.

  2. Mary-Anne Delaney says:

    Looking forward to October’s Calendar. Thank you.

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